• Spectacle Lenses

  • At Miltons Eyecare we pride ourselves in dispensing quality lens products from a wide range of spectacle lens manufacturers. We are able to offer our customers the very latest in spectacle lens designs that are digitally produced using advanced technology in various lens materials that reduce thickness and weight of the lens.

    Our dispensing opticians will discuss various lens options that will best suit your visual needs and prescription.

    Types of lenses:

    Single vision lenses only have one single prescription across the lens. These lenses are usually for just distance, reading or computer wear.

    Bifocals are lenses that are mainly distance with a little button or segment for reading which usually sits below the lower eyelid. These lenses are generally prescribed for people with presbyopia. Bifocals may also be prescribed to children but this is mainly for visual training purposes or for a condition called Strabismus.

    Varifocals have progression from distance to reading and are sometimes referred to as bifocals without the line. These lenses provide variating prescriptions to allow the wearer to focus at varying distances between reading small print and looking into the far distance.

    Vocational Office lenses give the wearer computer distance to reading. These lenses are also perfect for people with hobbies that require good vision at near and at intermediate. Varifocals often have limited clear vision when using a computer and these vocational lenses give excellent sharp vision at intermediate with compromising vision at near. There is no distance vision with these lenses but we can tailor make these lenses to give you vision up to 100cm, 200cm and 400cm. These lenses are great as office or indoor only lenses.

    Transition Lenses react to changing light conditions. Indoors they are clear and they go really dark in bright natural light, essentially turning your specs into sunglasses. Something to bear in mind these lenses will only change in direct sunlight, so when driving, your windscreen already filters out a degree of sun thereby stopping the lenses from going dark.

    Polarized Lenses eliminate or reduce the glare that standard sunglass have thereby improving visual comfort in bright light. Light is dispersed in all directions, but a polarized lens contains filters that blocks out intense reflected light reducing glare. These lenses are popular with people who enjoy sailing or spending time on or close to water. They are also worn by skiers and golfers as these lenses improve contrast and can enhance colours. Polarized sunglasses are great for everyday use including driving or a leisurely stroll in the sunshine and even the bright winter sun. Polarised lenses are available in prescription lenses including varifocals.